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This blog is mostly about raw vegetarian/vegan recipes, many of which incorporate avocados. Since I became a raw/live food vegan several years ago, avocados became an important part of my diet. I'd even say that they are my favorite food, and as it turns out, they are also considered one of the world's healthiest foods. While my primary purpose here is to showcase avocados and how awesome they are, I will also share some recipes that are just plain good raw/live food as well as vegan food.

Most recipes are accompanied by a meditation or reflection - posting as "food for thought."

Wishing you peace, love, joy, and blessings wherever you are in your journey towards health...

All recipes of the Avocado Queen are original creations. In some cases, variations on other recipes have been made and credit of that original source has been given.

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Recipe for Vitality and Vibrance - Avocado Swiss Chard

Go to the store and purchase Rainbow Swiss Chard.  Get ready to glow, re-energize, and have some fun.

Swiss chard is so colorful - bright, vibrant, and glowing.  It almost seems unnatural for a natural food to radiate the rainbow like this.  Bringing this food into our diet, with its radiant, vibrant, glowing colors, brings out these very qualities in us.  When we let our natural light shine, others sense and see this, and enjoy being around us.  When we feel good, we look good.  We look good when we eat foods rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and enzymes.  Eating vibrant foods puts us on the path to better health and vitality.  Eating live/raw foods rich in enzymes, means we are receiving the maximum energetic function of the food as well as its vitamins and minerals.  Having energy means we truly get to enjoy life, play, and have fun.  Creating vitality and vibrance helps us release stress and combat disease and degeneration.

According to the website of the World's Healthiest Foods, if vegetables received grades just based on nutrients, "swiss chard would be one of the vegetable valedictorians."  It is a great source of fiber, vitamins (including C, E, K, B2, B6, and B1), and minerals.  It promotes healthy lungs, bones, and supports immune function.  It is an excellent source of iron, has anti-inflammatory properties, and supports a healthy cardiovascular system.  

With it's colors, swiss chard is just fun to prepare and eat.  Preparing swiss chard reminds me of coloring with magic markers and the giant box of Crayola crayons that I used when I was a kid.  So, this is more than just food; this is an opportunity to get in touch with our inner child...the one who loves color and fun, who has energy and vitality, who loves to play.

Recipe for Vitality and Vibrance

First prepare the marinade/dressing:
  • 3 TB (preferably first cold press) extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 TB raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (Bragg's)
  • 1-2 TB nama shoyu (soy sauce)
  • 2 TB raw tahini
  • chipotle seasoning (or Mrs. Dash, or something similar) - to taste
  • chili powder or cayenne pepper - to taste
  • 1 TB nutritional yeast (optional)
Wisk these ingredients together in a large bowl.

Then add:
  • 1 batch of rainbow swiss chard - washed, chopped into bite-size pieces, including stalks.  Toss the chard until coated with the marinade/dressing.

Finally mix in:
  • 1 fresh ripe avocado - cut into cubes 
  • (optional) garnish with raw pistachios.

This recipe is easy to make and takes no more than about 15 minutes.  Its creamy texture is delicious and satisfying.  This is so much more than a normal salad.  This dish is the natural the neon light of food.

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  1. Anonymous2/04/2010

    Mmm... I love the mouth-feel of this recipe. Plus it's yummy, healthy, and the colors are really neat!